BA hosts idea of having a prom


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Students this year are faced with a choice between a school sponsored prom or one organized privately like that in 2020.

Jake Bollinger, Editor in Chief

Thursday morning Bellwood-Antis 11th and 12th grade students took a survey on whether or not they would be interested in having prom held by the school.

Last year the juniors and seniors had their own separate, non-school affiliated prom during the summer months, and it was a hit. The students got to enjoy a crucial part of high school that they thought they would lose because of COVID.

This year the administration is toying with the idea of hosting an outdoor prom in late May, because indoor restrictions would limit the school to only 60-90 students. If the school hosts a prom it would be at Lakemont Park from 8-10 with the possibility of an afterglow from 10-12.

The dance itself would be held at the pavilions in the park, while the afterglow would be held throughout the entire Lakemont Park, with students being able to enjoy mini-golf, batting cages, go carts, and all the other attractions at the park.

However, students from other schools would not be permitted in order to keep the “bubble” in tact. Other schools in the area are taking the same approach by not allowing students outside of their district to attend proms and similar school functions.

The other possibility is the barn prom approach, similar to the prom last year.

The results from the survey will determine which direction the school will be taking, but as of now there is no definite plans for the prom this year.