Inclusion Club holds initial meeting


Andrew Crocker

Mrs. McNaul kicks off the first-ever Inclusion Club meeting.

Jayden Bartlebaugh, Staff Writer

Bellwood’s new  “Inclusion Club” met for the first time on Wednesday morning in the gymnasium high school during home room.

The Inclusion Club, an offshoot of the Special Olympics, is a brand new club dedicated to building an environment  where students of all abilities can work to socialize together. It is being led by Mrs. McNaul and about 30 students had attended the meeting.

“We started a Inclusion Club because since we are part of Special Olympics with Unified Sports and bocce, we are required to do a Spread the Word campaign,” said Mrs. McNaul. “It’s a lot easier if you have a club already established. We are hoping that the club blossoms into an opportunity for all kids to come together, regardless of their differences and work together for a common goal.”

Jaidyn McCracken, a junior who is joining the club this year and will continue to play a role as a senior, said the club shows the kind of unity that exists among student at B-A.

“It just shows that no matter the differences we have, we can come together and achieve a goal,” she said.

The club plans to meet every Wednesday for the remainder of the school year.