B-A announces prom plans


Courtesy photo

Prom plans were set last week when students voted on a prom at Lakemont Park.

Zach Miller, Photo Editor

Prom organizers at Bellwood made a big announcement regarding the 2021 prom late last week.

The prom will be held at Lakemont Park in Altoona on May 22 at 8 p.m. Dancing will take place at the pavilions at the casino.

For the first time in years Bellwood will be holding an afterglow after the prom for the students to change and have some fun in the park.  Students will be able to ride rides, play basketball, use the batting cage, and many more activities throughout the park.

Initially, no one knew whether a prom would or wouldn’t happen this year during the era of Coronavirus. Last year’s school-sponsored prom was one of the last events cancelled and a parent-planned prom off campus was held instead in July. However, despite the doubt from students and parents, the school was able to pull it off and get a date scheduled.

School officials conducted a poll, and two-thirds of the students voted to have a prom at Lakemont.

The prom will take place outside and students will be required to wear a mask when they are within six feet of another student. Those attending will not be permitted to bring guests from outside of the Bellwood-Antis School District.

Even though the students have voted to have a school sponsored prom, there is still talk of some of the parents holding their own prom for the kids, most likely over the summer.