National Punctuation Day


Today is National Punctuation Day.

Do you remember proper punctuation from elementary school.? Do you write like you text?!.

National punctuation day is September 24th, it focuses on peoples use of proper  punctuation. Dating back to 900 B.C. the first know document to feature punctuation the Mesha Stele. Greeks where the next civilization to start using punctuation in 200 B.C. With arrivals of computers in the late 20th century writing took a whole new spin. With new symbols like @ and # texting and chatting online has taken over the web.

Many Bellwood students find it particularly difficult to brake the habit of writing like they are texting. High school teachers from all classes always express the use of proper punctuation. Textin has taken over the main aspect of communication for the majority of our society Punctuation is usually frowned upon when texting because it can send the wrong vibe. Spelling is also a major issue for students while texting so fast many students carry that into their writings.

Now a days, with all the texting people do proper punctuation has slipped the minds of many. texting is a world wide delicacy when people come back from a break of writing the switch back is always tricky.   Teachers are finding it hard to teach the high school barbarians that can not properly punctuate their writings/

Does missed used punctuation bug you? There where six mistakes in punctuation can you find them all? Imagine being a teacher with a bunch of texting writers trying to teach them as their futures depends on it.