Isabella Kelley

Gianna Juart recently won freshman class president.

Kyra Smithmyer, Staff Writer

Giana Juart is the First Fab Freshman of the year for 2021-22. Giana is known by many as GG. GG may be referenced to Giana in this article. Giana is also the 2021-22 class president of the freshman class.

BluePrint: How do you feel being the freshman class president?

GG: “It feels nice. I’m excited to be a class officer. I can’t wait to work with my friends on projects Mr. Naylor has for us.”

Giana participates in cheer leading, as she has been cheering since second grade. GG is the only freshman on the Blue Devil Varsity cheer squad this year. She says she plans on cheering all throughout high school.

GG says, “This school year is going great and I loves being in classes with more of her friends. I look forward to hanging out with my friends a lot more than last year.”

BluePrint: What is your favorite subject?

GG: My favorite subject is probably math.

BluePrint: Who is your favorite teacher?

GG: I like all of my teachers but, if I had to chose one it would be Señora or Mr. Goodman.

Giana is a member of the renaissance club and looks forward to Mini Thon and raising a lot of money and as well as being able to decorating for events.