SUPER SENIOR: Samantha Gerwert


Victoria Jenkins , Staff Writer

Something Samantha Gerwert would love to change about Bellwood-Antis High School is the stigma surrounding mental health.

Samantha has been on that mission ever since she went to the Meadows in 10th grade. It would mean a lot to her for kids to know there are people who feel the same way and they’re not alone.

That’s a tall task, and one worthy of the respect of her peers; however, Samantha knows if she can’t reach her goal before she graduates, Mr. Stewart and Mr. McNaul will carry on through Aevidum.

Despite any problems she may have faced in four years, Samantha is very thankful to be able to attend Bellwood-Antis and she likes the school a lot

Samantha’s  favorite subject is math because it is the hardest and most challenging subject to her. She is currently in Renassaince and Aevidum.