Tyrone edges Bellwood-Antis in Instagram War

BluePrint gains more followers in three weeks, but can’t make up ground on the Eagle Eye


Edyn Convery

The BA BluePrint added more than 400 followers in its three-week Instagram war with the Tyrone Eagle Eye.

Sapphire McCready, Staff Writer

The Instagram war between Tyrone and Bellwood-Antis came down to a photofinish.

In September the Tyrone Eagle Eye, Tyrone’s school newspaper, challenged the BA BluePrint to an Instagram war. At the end of the war, the Tyrone Eagle Eye won, but both sides benefitted.

The contest was three weeks long and lasted until Oct. 17 when the Eagle Eye won with 499 followers to the BA BluePrint’s 493.

The BluePrint’s advisor Mr. Naylor said, “I was skeptical of joining in the contest at first because the Eagle Eye has been online for two years and we’re just starting out as an online publication. But in the end, it was a really valuable project, just like Mr. Cammarata, the Eagle Eye’s adviser, said it would be.”

The BluePrint actually totaled more followers during the time frame, adding 14 more followers than the Eagle Eye. The Eagle Eye began the contest up by 20 followers.

BluePrint Photographer Emily Wagner said, “It’s a big step up for the newspaper. The contest built our confidence and kept us on our toes.  Adding more followers on Instagram makes us work harder because we have more people watching us so we have to stay updated.”

As of Thursday, October 23, the BA BluePrint had 526followers and the Eagle Eye had 521 followers. Both of the school newspapers got more followers and are now better known to the public.

The BluePrint added more than 400 followers in three weeks. It tried to involve the public and alumni with Throwback Thursdays, which Mr. Naylor says will continue.

The BluePrint also put extra effort into updating sports and school pictures. Photographer Emily Wagner took tons of football pictures and videos and went to Bellwood volleyball games.