Athlete of the Week: Abby Luensmann stars in volleyball


Abby Luensmann has stuffed the stat sheet for the volleyball team this year.

Here at B-A sports are a big deal. We normally focus on the seniors, but what about the sophomores?

Sophomore Abby Luensmann has been a smash hit so far this season. Luensmann has a total of 165 digs for the volleyball team! Digs are a vital part of volleyball, beginning the transition from defense to offense. If you want to put the ball in the right place for your teammates you have to have a good digging technique, and Luensmann seems to be doing it right. She also has had 120 serves and no volleyball play can start without a serve! Along with those serves she’s had 11 assists, 81 kills, and 66 blocks. Her personal best game was against Tussey Mountain with 2 kills, 14 blocks, 10 digs, and 4 assists!

For her efforts, Luensmann is the Blueprints athlete of the week!

Blueprint: What position do you play? How do you like it?

Luensmann: Middle hitter, it is fun but I used to be a setter so it’s a whole new position to learn.  

Blueprint: How important is winning the game to you and your team?

Luensmann: It’s really important because we want to get a good seed in playoffs.

Blueprint: How do you prepare for a game?

Luensmann: We do drills the day before at practice and then I warm-up with my partner Makayla Carles.

Blueprint: How long have you been playing volleyball? Why?

Luensmann: Since 6th grade, I wanted to try something new.  

Blueprint: What are your goals for volleyball the rest of the season?

Luensmann: To make it as far as we can in playoffs.

Blueprint: What is something hard about volleyball?

Luensmann: Digging hard hits & serves.  

Blueprint: What other activities do you do?

Luensmann: Swimming, track, biking, and hanging out with friends.