The Payoff

November 5, 2021

Having flexible seating has been beneficial for the students and teachers of Myers Elementary. Classroom environment can affect a child’s academic progress over a year. In fact, a study by the University of Minnesota found that 48% of students are more active in discussions with collaborative seating as an option.

“Fidgeting in the desks is a lot more noticeable than it is in flex seating, so it can be a big distraction for some,” Mrs. Kelly said.

Ultimately, Myers teachers feel flexible seating will lead to better student performance. Far from distracting, they feel the seating arrangement actually limits distractions.

“The flexible seating environment pulls them away from a desk full of items that might otherwise distract them,” says Mrs. Clabaugh.

However you cut it at the end of the day flexible seating is here to stay, “ The teachers that have chosen to use this type of seating are fully committed and do an amazing job of setting the expectations for the students and also building relationships that allow for this to be used effectively,” says Mr. Stinson.

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