National Honor Society Induction

On October 22 thirty students were inducted into NHS.


NHS recently held their annual induction ceremony.

On Thursday, October 22 thirty BAHS students were inducted into the National Honor Society.

The ceremony started off with an introduction and welcome speech by the NHS president, Meghan Claar.

In the welcome speech, Meghan explained the guidelines of being a NHS student.

“Candidates must be a junior or a senior. The first criterion is that the student must have a ninety-five percent cumulative grade point average. Then, the candidate is scored on his or her leadership, character, and service qualities and activities by a review board made up of faculty members,” Claar said.

Meghan then introduced the other speakers of the ceremony that represented the four principles that make up the NHS: character, leadership, scholarship, and service.

Secretary Anna Wolfe spoke for character. The inductees must chow character which demonstrates the six qualities of respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring and citizenship.

“Students of character must take criticism willingly and accept recommendation graciously, uphold principles of mortality and ethics, demonstrate the highest standards of honesty and reliability, regularly show courtesy, concern and respect for others, and actively help rid the school of bad influences,” said Wolfe.

Jeremy Wilson, the Vice-President represented scholarship. The guidelines set for NHS state that the inductees must have an overall ninety-five percent to be considered for selection and must maintain a ninety-three percent overall average once selected.

Claar represented the principle of Leadership. “

“A student who exercises leadership demonstrates initiative to promoting school activities, exemplifies positive attitudes, inspires positive behavior in others, demonstrates academic initiative, and is willing to uphold scholarship and maintain a loyal school attitude along with many other responsibilities,” she said.

Jaqueline Finn, the NHS Treasurer, spoke for Service.

“To qualify for NHS the student must volunteer and provide dependable and well organized assistance, be gladly available and willing to sacrifice to offer assistance. The student must also work well with others and be willing to take on difficult or inconspicuous responsibilities, cheerfully and enthusiastically render any requested service to the school, do committee and staff work without complaint, and show courtesy by assisting visitors, teachers, and students,” said Finn.

NHS service projects include: Taking Steps for Crohn’s and Colitis walk, American Red Cross Caring Hands Project, St. Vincent De Paul Soup Kitchen, Operation Our Town Activities, Homework Help, and Peer Tutoring.

As the ceremony drew to a close, Claar led the inductees in the NHS pledge.

I pledge to maintain my high scholastic standing, to hold as fundamental and worthy an untarnished character, to endeavor intelligently and courageously to be a leader, and to give myself freely in service to others. In doing so, I shall prove myself worthy of a place in the National Honor Society”

— Official NHS Pledge

List of Inductees: Amanda Albright, Jacob Burch, Laycee Clark, Abbey Crider, Alexa Crusciel, Nathan Davis, Paige Dinges, Makala Doyle, Natalie Dumin, Justin Gansallus, Emily Hoover, Hannah Klesius, Christina Kowalski, Kerri Little, Juliana Lusk, Nate Mackereth, Matthew McMillan, Isaac Mills, Adam Osborne, Paige Padula, Marissa Panasiti, Raegan Plowman, Jessica Stehley, Caroline Taylor, Gabrielle Troutman, Sarah Vankirk, Kala Wooten, John Yohn, Angela Young, and Mariah Younker.