The Stem Program in Myers Elementary


Alexis Mayhue, Staff writer

Here at Bellwood-Antis we have tons of ways to get kids interested in science for all grades. Anything from science fairs to going to Camp Blue Diamond. But what about the elementary school? What do they have to get kids interested in learning science?

They have programs like STEM. The acronym stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students get the chance to make some hands on projects and give them the opportunity to be little engineers.

Each grade is making something different and second grade happens to be making wind mills.

When asked about the program and how she thought it would be helpful towards her students’ education, Mrs. Naylor said, “They get to see themselves as scientists and engineers. It introduces new vocabulary to them and widens their view on science. We don’t grade science in the second grade, so it’s mostly a way to get their brains flowing and get them ready for the years to come.”

Each second grade classroom is making their own wind mill and the students in each class work together to bring the project together.

Though Mrs. Naylor thinks the program is beneficial for the kids, she found one downside.

“The only negative thing about this is how long it’s taking. We’re going to take the whole first making period and some of the next.”