Athlete of the Week: Jake McCaulley


Jake McCaulley is the blueprints athlete of the week due to his 2 touchdowns on defense against the Philipsburg- Osceola.

Last week the thriving junior had 2 touchdowns.

One of those touchdowns being a fumble return. McCaulley has had 67 tackles this season with only 27 of those being assisted tackles.

McCaulley averages 27 rushing yards this season, with 3 yards per game.

Blueprint: How do you prepare for a game? Are you going to prepare differently for playoffs?

McCaulley: I make sure that I’m mentally prepared and I know what formations they run plays out of. The coaches do a great job in preparing us for their offense.


Blueprint: Penns Manor is 6-4, do you feel you’re going to beat them? Bishop Guilfoyle?

McCaulley: Yes, I feel like we can beat both of them if we play to our full potential and don’t make mental errors.


Blueprint: How do you feel about your accomplishments this year as a junior?

McCaulley: It feels good to be a started and to be able to contribute to our teams victories.  


Blueprint: How did it feel to make an impact on defense last week?

McCaulley: It felt great to score 2 touchdowns, especially on defense because that very rare.


Blueprint: How’d you get involved with football?

McCaulley: My dad got me started when I was 7 and I have loved it ever since.


Blueprint: How do you think the team will do next season without the seniors?

McCaulley: We should be good. We won’t have many seniors next year but the sophomores this year should be able to step up and contribute.


Blueprint: What is better, making a pancake tackle or scoring a touchdown?

McCaulley: That’s a tough one, but I would have to go with scoring a touchdown.


Blueprint: How do you balance sports and academics so well?

McCaulley: I take time to makes sure I keep up with my academics.


Blueprint: What does being a part of blue devil football mean to you?

McCaulley: It’s great to be a part of a team with such great tradition and excellence.