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How to tackle to problems of climate change is the topic of this week’s opinion coverage.

Climate change

April 12, 2022

There’s no denying climate change is real and humans have played a big role in it. According to some estimates, 2020 was nearly 2 degrees Fahrenheit than the average temperature of the Twentieth Century, and by 2100 the world could reach as much as 7.5 degrees warmer if no measures are taken to slow climate change.

However, the question is what to do about this potential catastrophe. Simply ending the world’s use of carbon-based fuels could be fatal for poor and emerging nations in need of cheap fuel, while destroying the GDP of the world’s wealthiest nations. At the same time, climate change has consequences, like rising sea levels and more violent hurricanes.

Two freshmen at Bellwood-Antis examined this issue, looking at it from two different angles.

Act now on global warming


Kerry Naylor

Brooke Hescox feels we need to act soon on Global Warming.

No matter how long ignore global warming you can’t deny the science behind this event.

As the Washington Post explains, a panel of the world’s foremost scientists warned in an exhaustive report on the escalating toll of climate change. The future warning by the scientists was” unchecked green house gas emissions will raise sea levels several feet, swallowing small island nations and overwhelming even the world’s wealthiest costal regions.”

If we plan on surviving what our climate has in store for the future, we need to act soon to change our carbon footprint. The Post states, “Drought, heat, hunger and disaster may force millions of people from their homes.” So global warming and climate change have a role on our food sources. Extreme drought makes it hard to farm, and keep vegetables and fruit growing is nearly impossible.

So the sooner we act, the longer we can put these dates on pause.

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Get a boost from the positives on climate change


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Jacob Caracciolo feels it’s important to celebrate the climate victories we have established.

As the 2022 United Nations climate report comes out, it seems like we are  doomed. Right?

Well, not exactly.

While there are things that need to be done to protect the future of our Earth, I feel like people overlook the good and jump straight to the bad. For a little motivation to continue our efforts, lets go over some good news that has happened. \

In the last 5 years a group effort in a rural Kenya community just planted 300,000 new trees, regenerating 50% of their  local forest. Another positive story to  look at involves solar power. In the past 10 years, price of solar power has dropped 89%. Not only has the price dropped, it also has become more effective in allowing for more solar energy.

At the end of the day, are we still fairly far from climate goals? Yes, but it’s hard to focus on changing something when you feel there is no way to fix it. So, every once in a while, take a step back and appreciate what we have done and changes we have made; then let that motivate you to continue the efforts.

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