B-A awards $69,000 in scholarships to class of ’22


Courtesy photo

Forty-one B-A seniors earned $69,000 in scholarships this year.

Jojo Caswell , Staff Writer

Monday the annual senior scholarship awards banquet was held in the high school gym. Business and civic leaders made it possible to award $69,000 in scholarships to 41 Bellwood-Antis seniors.

Caedon Poe, Jayce Miller, Sophia Nelson, Sean Mallon, and Alex Perry were some of the winners at the senior awards banquet. (Courtesy photo)

Some of the big winners included Ashlyn Ball and Sarah Berkowitz, who each received at least $3,000, Ethan Brown, who earned $4,000 in two scholarships, Tayiah Keefer, who was awarded $4,500, and Anna Lovrich, who was the recipient of more than $6,000 in financial awards.

A complete list of scholarship winners follows:

Zachary Bishop Amato 

$500 Knights of Columbus Scholarship

$1,000 DelGrosso Food Scholarship

Ashlyn Mae Ball 

$500 Linette Allen Memorial Scholarship

$2,500 B-A calss of 1994 Scholarship

Sarah Mariska Berkowitz

$250 Music Scholarship

$250 Chorus Scholarship

$250 French Club Scholarship

$500 Blue and Gold Scholarship

$1,500 Retired B-A Administrators Scholarship

Nicole Marie Boslet

$250 Bellwood-Antis Community Picnic Scholarship

$500 Lion Club Scholarship

$500 Mighty Warrior 6:12 Scholarship

$1,000 DJB Scholarship

Ethan Barry Brown 

$1,500 David W. Lewis Family Scholarship

$2,500 McClanahan’s Scholarship

Giovanna Elena Caraciolo 

$250 Blue and Gold scholarship

$750 Bellwood-Antis PTO Scholarship

Dominic Milton Caraciolo

$250 Mighty Warrior 6:12 Scholarship

$500 RSM Scholarship

$750 Bellwood-Antis PTO scholarship

Brandon Phillip Cherry 

$500 Dunn Family Scholarship

$500 Blue and Gold Scholarship

$1,000 Bellwood-Antis Class of 1989 Scholarship

Emma Mae Chronister

$250 South Hills School of Business and Technology Scholarship

$500 Linette Allen Memorial Scholarship

$500 Bud Grazier Memorial Scholarship

Claudia Dawn Engle 

$500 Bellwood Fraternal Order of the Eagles Scholarship

Samantha Grace Gerwert 

$250 Mighty Warrior 6:12 Scholarship

$250 STAR Team Scholarship

$1,000 M&T Bank Scholarship

Cooper Todd Guyer 

$250 Blue and Gold Scholarship

$1,000 Dennis L. McCellan Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Dailyn Tiffany Hampton 

$500 Beard Legal Group Scholarship

$750 Mary Jane Barr Memorial Scholarship

Ethan Michael Hess 

$1,500 Corrie Fisher Memorial Scholarship

Tayiah Karen Keefer 

$2,000 Lillian Johnson Memorial Scholarship

$2,500 CWC First Year Award Altoona Scholarship

Cooper James Keen 

$250 Northern Blair Kiwanis Military Service Commitment Award

Michael John Kienzel 

$250 Mighty Warrior 6:12 Scholarship

$1,000 Duane Hollen Memorial Scholarship

Alex Connor Kovac

$500 B-A Youth Baseball Scholarship

$500 Bellwood-Antis Class of 1983 Memorial Scholarship

$1,000 B-A Class of 1990 Brian Keiser Memorial Scholarship

Anna Mae Lovrich 

$250 B-A Girls Track Scholarship

$500 Bellwood-Antis Class of 1972

$1,500 Tyler/Lovrich Family Scholarship

$4,000 Bruno and Lean DelGol Family Foundation Scholarship

Jack Kevin Luensmann

$2,000 Lillian Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Sean Patrick Mallon 

$250 Blue and Gold Scholarship

$500 Thomas Otto Family Scholarship

$500 Nothern Blair Kiwanis Club Scholarship in Memory of Harold Wagner

Brianna Nicole Markel

$500 First Commonwealth Bank Scholarship

Jacob Benjamin Martin 

$500 Fostoria Farms Scholarship

Sarah Nicole Mayes 

$500 David Heisler Memorial Scholarship

$1,500 Mary Banks Memorial Scholarship

Jaidyn Taylor McCracken 

$500 B-A class of 1960 – “Whitey” Stephens Memorial Scholarship

$500 Forshey Family Scholarship

Jayce Marie Miller 

$250 B-A Chorus Scholarship

$250 Musical Scholarship

$500 Band/Majorette Scholarship

$1,000 Darlene Carter Memorial scholarship

Dawson Glenn Miller 

$500 B-A Class of 1985 Scholarship

$500 Bellwood Fraternal Order of the Eagles Scholarship

$2,000 Madison Shura Memorial Scholarship

Crisinda Marie Miller 

$300 Sinking Valley Grange #484 Scholarship

$500 Eagle Riders Scholarship

Gabriella Elizabeth-Dare Musselman 

$500 Bellwood-Antis Class of 1969 Scholarship

$500 Caesar Batise Scholarship

$1,000 Thelma Fowler Memorial Scholarship

Sophia Arabella Nelson

$500 Richard McEldowney Memorial Scholarship

$1,000 Polly Decker Barbosa Memorial Scholarship

Caden Skye Noel

$500 Richard McEldowney Memorial Scholarship

Brianna Kaitlyn Partner 

$250 Blue and Gold Scholarship

$1,000 United Veterans Home Association Scholarship

Zachary Nicholas Pellegrine 

$250 Blue and Gold Scholarship

$1,000 United Veterans Home Association – William Sitman Memorial Scholarship

Alex Michael Perry

$1,650 Harshman Family Scholarship

Aiden Robert-Fredrick Reimer 

$2,000 Tim Sissler Memorial Scholarship

Hunter James Shawley 

$250 B-A  Boys Track Scholarship

$250 Mighty Warriors 6:12 Scholarship

$500 Caracciolo Sheet and Metal Scholarship

$500 Tyler/Lovrich Families Scholarship

Jaylee Marie Shuke 

$500 Bellwood-Antis Class of 1964 Scholarship

$1,000 Thelma Fowler Memorial Scholarship

Dallas Edan Smithmyer 

$500 Bellwood Fraternal Order of the Eagle Scholarship

$500 Bud Grazier Memorial Scholarship

$2,500 Bellwood-Antis Class of 1944 Scholarship

Abby Nicole Watters 

$500 Northern Blair Kiwanis Club Scholarship in Memory of Howard Walker

$500 Eugene and Jean Harker Memorial scholarship

Ryley Elizabeth White 

$250 STAR Team Scholarship

$500 Northern Blair Kiwanis Club Scholarship

Raela Therese Rose Zuiker 

$500 Bellwood-Antis Band Scholarship