Athlete of the Week: Tyson Miller


Athlete of the Week: Tyson Miller

Tyson Miller is the BluePrint’s athlete of the week due to his 11 tackles and 1 sack during the District 6-A quarter-finals against Penns Manor!

Miller has 129 career receiving yards, 69 of them being from this season.

With 82 tackles and 10 sacks this season, it’s obvious Miller has played his football right.

The Blue Devils will take on the Bishop Guilfoyle Marauders tonight at Mansion Park in the semi-finals!


Blueprint: How did you get involved with football?

Tyson: When I was little my parents always kept a football in my hand.


Blueprint: BG is undefeated? How are you & the team preparing for the game?

Tyson: Were preparing like just every other week, but considering the circumstances surrounding the game I believe were using all the hype as motivation.


Blueprint: Your season is slowly coming to an end, how do you feel?

Tyson: It’s kind of surreal, I can’t imagine this season ending and there not being another one.


Blueprint: How do you balance sports and academics?

Tyson: I always make sure there’s time for homework and studying at night.


Blueprint: How do you feel about your accomplishments with this season?

Tyson: I’m pleased with my accomplishments this far, but there’s always more to be achieved. The same goes for the team standpoint.


Blueprint: How does being a part of the Blue Devils effect you?

Tyson: It’s a major part of my high school career. Probably the most memorable part of high school.


Blueprint: What’s better a big hit or a big catch?

Tyson: Probably a big catch. I t can completely change the momentum of a game.


Blueprint: What have you done to become a better leader this season?

Tyson: I try to always give my all during practices and games as well as encouraging my teammates to do the same.


Blueprint: What will you remember most about BA?

Tyson: Probably football season and all the good times I’ve had with my friends.