Canyon Neyman honored With College Board recognition


Bailee Conway

Canyon Neyman working on school work.

Bellwood Antis’ very own Canyon Neyman earned the academic honors award from the College Board’s National Recognition program this school year. The College Board National Recognition program only recognizes 62,000 people a year and only rewards students who have the scores and the grades that stand out. 

Canyon earned this recognition by excelling on exams such as the AP literature exam, PSAT, SAT, or having a GPA higher than 3.5. The College Board National Recognition specifically recognizes students who are African American/Black, Hispanic American/Latinx, or Indigenous, that attend school in a small town. 

Canyon feels excited and honored to have received a reward like this. He believes that he has spent a decent amount of effort into his school career so far to get to this point. He scored an impressive 1450 on his SAT.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.”

— Henry Ford

“I feel like I have worked hard to achieve this award by learning how to master the SAT, and consistently studying for the test,” Canyon said. 

The College Board National Recognition program grants students with academic honors that can be included on their college and scholarship applications. These programs also help students connect with universities all over the country so that they catch enrollers’ eyes during admissions processes. Canyon hopes that this award can help him secure a spot in a top college in the US to major in mathematics. Congratulations Canyon!