HOLIDAY-ISH: Sit with a Stranger Day


There are plenty of opportunities to get to know a stranger.

Being in an environment you aren’t quite familiar with isn’t easy is it? You start to question what you should do because you start to lose focus on what you are doing since being alone is a distraction.  Meeting new people can be a hard task for some people as well.

Continuing on, today, September 15th is national Sit With a Stranger Day.

This day was created as a way of motivating people to see another person’s view on everyday life. The word strangers can have many different meanings to people. For example, in elementary school there is a common lesson taught to little kids about “stranger danger,”  which is what makes our first instinct of a stranger to be dangerous.

However, aside from strangers being dangerous, we also grow up learning that meeting new people can have a positive effect on us. You never know if you and a stranger share many interests with each other. That stranger could be someone you could possibly fall in love with. About 70% of people have admitted that they fell in love at first sight.

So spend today talking with a someone you’ve never actually met before. You never actually ‘know’ someone if you’ve never met them. But be cautious of who you talk to, make sure it’s no one like Jeffery Dahmer!