The famous Punch Day


Celebrate punch day with friends.

Don’t you just love a nice cold glass of punch on a nice, hot summer day? Well, if you do why don’t you grab a glass and learn about the history of Punch. The famous ‘Punch’ is almost like a combination between juice, and soda but without all the extra stuff.

I’m sure we are all familiar of this drink, but let’s get down to the basics behind it to really know about it. Back in the 1630’s a young German adventurer, Johan Albrecht de Mandelslo, had created the worlds most original punch recipe. It seems as if he wanted to keep his recipe a secret in order to reach an auspicious future (which did in fact work).

The introduction of Hawaiian punch came around in the 1950’s, but making commercials made it gain its popularity in 1961. Before the well-known brand, Hawaiian punch, came around the drink wasn’t acknowledged as much as it is now all thanks to advertisement. A guy named John Urie was the producer of the commercial, and also came up with the design of Hawaiian Punch. The drink was also supposed to be an ice-cream topping with it’s liquid consistency marketers thought it would be a great syrup substitute with a touch of citrus. Just perfect for your ice-cream sundae!

Enjoy your day with an ice cold glass of punch, or maybe even a bowl of ice cream with some Hawaiian punch on top. Make sure you don’t misunderstand what today is and go punch something or somebody….that would be a huge mistake for this wonderful day.