Fab Freshmen: Kyra Woomer


Freshman Kyra Woomer doing what she loves riding on her bike.

When freshman Kyra Woomer says that she races motorcycles, it is often mistaken for Motocross.  Motocross is often a 2 mile, man-made, outdoor track that includes steep jumps, tight corners, sand, and mud.  What Kyra races is called a Hare Scramble Off Road Track.  It is a course that is run through woods and fields in the area, usually incorporating fallen trees across the track, loose rocks, large boulders, sand, mud, and tight tree sections.

The length of the course varies between the age groups racing.  Both types of racing are organized by the same ages but also by the motor size of the bike.  For Kyra’s race there is one race for each age group on one day.  The Pee Wees race for half an hour, the Youth class races for one hour plus one lap, then the Adults race for two hours plus one lap.

Kyra Woomer is the triple threat.  She is involved in racing dirtbikes, band, and volleyball.  She is also a pretty good student.

Woomer in her riding gear.
Woomer in her riding gear.

BluePrint: What is the biggest difference between 9th grade and middle school?

Woomer: In 9th grade everything seems more relaxed.

BluePrint: What class from freshman year will you never forget and why?

Woomer: English class because of our debates and discussions.

BluePrint: What goals do you have for the next 3 years of your BA experience?

Woomer: Keep high grades

BluePrint: What advice would you give 8th graders preparing to make the jump to high school?

Woomer: Don’t worry about being a freshman.  The upperclassmen are not as bad as you think they are.

BluePrint: What is one thing you’ll do differently as a sophomore?

Woomer: Join more clubs

BluePrint: What do you like most about racing dirt bikes? 

Woomer: Traveling and doing what I love the most.

BluePrint: How did you get involved in riding dirtbikes?

Woomer: My dad has been riding since he was 15 and decided to let my sister and I try it.  When I was 4 my dad bought me my first dirt bike and taught me how to ride.

BluePrint: How do you feel about the dangers of getting hurt during races?

Woomer: During races I know there is a possibility of getting hurt but it doesn’t faze me.  I have seen some pretty bad wrecks but I would never stop just because of a wreck.

BluePrint: How long have you been racing?

Woomer: I have been racing for 4 years.

BluePrint: What do you like most about band?

Woomer: Going to football games and performing on the field.

BluePrint: How long have you been in band?

Woomer: I have been in concert band since 4th grade.  I have been in marching band since 7th grade.

BluePrint: What do you enjoy about volleyball?

Woomer: Being part of a team.

BluePrint: What postion do you play in volleyball?

Woomer: Outside Hitter

BluePrint: How long have you been playing volleyball?

Woomer: I have been playing volleyball for four years.

BluePrint: What is your favorite movie?

Woomer: White House Down

BluePrint: What is your favorite class?

Woomer: English

BluePrint: What is your favorite food?

Woomer: Mac n’ Cheese

BluePrint: What is your favorite BA lunch?

Woomer: Pizza

BluePrint: What is in your iPod?

Woomer: Country, pop, rock