HOLIDAY-ISH: Face Your Fears Day

Face your biggest fear today!

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Face your biggest fear today!

Do you ever catch yourself in a situation where you’re absolutely terrified of what you’re currently doing? Maybe it’s facing heights, or you see a spider crawling up your wall. It could be so many things that you could never imagine people have fears of.

Considering this topic, this Tuesday is a day to overcome your fears for once. I’m pretty sure at least a majority of people have told themselves that they’d overcome their fear, but never do. So, again today is the day to make that statement true.

Public speaker, Steven Hughes, is the one who created this day in October 2007. Some might think of fear as an obstacle, (or at least I do) whether it’s raising your hand during class, receiving your score on a test, first day at a new job, anything can become a fear even if you’re a kid, teen, or an adult everyone comes between a fear. Fear can be described as almost like getting that adrenaline rush or the anxious feeling you get when you’re coming across any situation, fear always tags along.

Scientists say that fear can cause us to have a reaction instantly when a part in our brain immediately alerts our nervous system of the threat. Outcomes of this reaction are high blood pressure, increasing heart rate, and sweating palms all lead to our body being alert of a possible threat that can make us be cautious of the situation and find a way of safety.

Today is the opportunity to have a slight change in our lives and overcome our biggest fears! It doesn’t matter who you are, but no matter what you do don’t go skydiving without a parachute!