Just Junior: Connor Cobaugh


This week’s Just Juniors honoree Connor Cobaugh. Recently, Cobaugh has partaken in Tommy John surgery due to tearing his UCL during last baseball season. Cobaugh is currently in recovery, and he will stay in recovery for about 9 months. Because of this time, he will be missing baseball season this spring.

When asked how he feels about next season, he says, “I’m feeling pretty bummed. I wanted to play this year really bad after missing most of last season.”  Cobaugh missed half of last season as well, due to pains in his arm.

This surgery is not only affecting his high school baseball career;  he struggles doing everyday things such as showering, writing, and other physical activities, one of thes being lifting weights. When asked about the gym, Cobaugh responded, “Well, before I got this surgery, I had so much muscle and I was massive. I was practically a body builder. I’ve been sad not being able to work out.”

Lastly, the long run is unknown for Cobaugh, but his predicament allowed him to find a career he feels he would enjoy. “After going to physical therapy for a long time, I realized that it would be a pretty fun job. I am going to go to school for PT and be the best physical therapist to walk this earth.”

Good luck to Cobaugh and his future endeavors.