B-A students attend county chorus


BA students recently attended County Chorus at Northern Bedford.

On November 24th and 25th Senior High County Chorus was held at Northern Bedford High School. Students in grades 10th-12th were able to participate.

There were at least 10 different schools and 150 students who participated at county chorus.

Northern Bedford is where new chorus teacher Ms. Hull originally taught.

The students that participated were Haley McCloskey, Grace Misera, Autumn Pardoe, Emily Hoover, Dejah Rhodes, Mariah Younker, Arlana McCracken, Noah Schratzmeier, Caroline Taylor, Sarah Vankrik, Lain Hall, Aaron Mogle, Thad McKinnen, Revel Southwell, Michael Yohn, Cameron Nagle, Calvin Amato, Lucas Tuggy, Taylor Shildt, and Devin Burr.

On both days the students rehearsed for eight hours both days.

On the last day all the students from all the schools that participated performed those songs in a concert.

This event gives students vocal training, and they get to make new friends and work in a larger setting than what some students are used to.

“Students get to meet new people, and make memories that can last a lifetime,” Ms. Hull said.

The director this year was Ryan Beacon. Dr. Beacon prepared the students to sing the songs they learned in depth, and gave them different kinds of musical techniques.

Everyone who went to counties seemed to have a fun time and they enjoyed it.

“I liked meeting the director and meeting new people,” Michael Yohn said.

“The director was very funny and reminded me of Jim Carrey. He was great,” Autumn Pardoe said.

“I got a chance to learn new techniques to be a better singer. The director was really fun,” Sarah Vankrik said.

“I liked the director and I liked meeting new people. I also enjoyed seeing my old friends from Bishop Gulifyole,” Calvin Amato said.