B-A musical deserves more funding


Bailee Conway

B-A Auditorium

The B-A theater department has made a recent comeback after the sudden halt COVID had placed on the program in 2020.

Due to the successful  production of Beauty and the Beast last year, the department had enough funds to put on another production this spring, Grease.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of funding that goes into theater program, there was just enough money to buy the rights to Grease, and if the musical does not at least break  even, there will not be enough money to put on a production next year.

The musical is fully self-supported, with the money from past ticket sales funding the musical the following year.

The musical program rents old props, costumes, and donated sets for their productions, with money limiting the purchases they can make.

If the musical does not break even this year, the school should fund the program whatever extra money it would need to buy rights for a musical next year, a cost that takes up the majority of the budget.

The school would never allow a sports season to not happen, and the same standards should be met with the arts program. People are just as passionate about the arts as athletes are at sports, dedicating multiple hours outside of school to their performances.

While the school does provide stipends to the musical’s director, music director, and sound and light crew, any money that contributes to the musical itself comes out of the activity fund. The student run activity fund is mainly funded by fundraisers.

People don’t realize how much money it takes to successfully produce a musical.

— Molly Burns

Molly Burns, the musical director, would like everyone to know that the musical is looking for help. If anyone is interested in helping, you can email Mr. Zachary Spaw, assistant director, at [email protected] and put “Help with Theater” in the subject line. The musical is looking for donations and advertisements to put in the program.

“People don’t realize how much money it takes to successfully produce a musical,” Molly said. “The majority of costs is actually for the rights to even perform the show. Beyond that, the cost of sets, props, lighting, sound, and among other things, drive up the cost of production, even with volunteers and doing things as inexpensively as possible.”

The musical directors are currently considering multiple fundraisers to raise money. Some possible fundraisers to look out for in the future would be a possible Grease themed winter dance, with costs of admission all going towards the musical, as well as a concert from Grease lead, Daman Mills’ band, “The Pines”.

Bellwood’s production of Grease, will be held on March 10th and March 11th. The best way you can help support this program is bringing your family and friends to come see the musical.

Opening night is March 10th at 7:30 PM. There will be an afternoon show at 2 PM on March 11th, and the closing show at 7:30 PM, that same night.

Link to buy tickets: https://search.seatyourself.biz/webstore/accounts/blwd/buy-tix