January 30, 2023

Mr. Schreier said he has not seriously considered a career change since moving to his principal position in 2014.

“In the end this is where I am meant to be. I think most people think about dream jobs and wonder about what could have been, but I do not intend to leave the principalship anytime soon,” he said.

Dr. Harpster said at one time she considered a teaching position at the university level, but that job wasn’t her destiny. Instead, she felt playing her part as a principal allowed her to make an impact and be influential in students’ lives.

“My most important role as principal was the selection and continued development of teachers in every classroom. I had the privilege of working with exceptional teachers who loved children and teaching. In this way, my role as principal was important and fulfilling,” Dr. Harpster said.

Although Dr. Wagner has also considered a career change, he doesn’t think it was anything more than wishful thinking.

He suspects the “one of two school principals considering changing careers “are engaging in wishful thinking, too” because of the financial implications such a change would bring about. Most principals have been involved in education for decades and their pay reflects that.

Jumping to a new career track after investing an abundance of time in the education field would be a “significant financial setback,” Dr. Wagner said.

“The reality is that most aren’t in a position to make that kind of decision, so I don’t anticipate a wave of principals leaving the profession any time soon,” Dr. Wagner said.

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