Feature teacher… Mr. Partner!

“Be good, be safe, make the right choices, and go BLUE DEVILS!”


“There are a lot of good things about Mr. Partner.  He’s an all around great guy.  He’s fun to be around and you can see that he truly cares about his students.”

Mr. Burch

Mr. Thomas Partner is probably one of the most inspirational teachers ever to come to Bellwood- Antis.

He has been teaching students at Bellwood for over 15 years.

Before he came to Bellwood, he taught at West Branch for 10 years.

One of the reasons Mr. Partner wanted to teach at Bellwood was because some of the teachers he had here.  He said, “Ms. K and Mr. Tate were the reasons why I wanted to become an English teacher.  The things I remember from their classes is how fun they were and the relationships that they had with the kids.  They also made learning about grammar and writing fun, which is kind of hard to do.”

He went on to say, “From their classes they inspired me to become an English teacher.  I wanted to inspire students just like they inspired me.  I try to give a hundred and ten percent to my students.  But I also understand that everybody has off days.”

Mr. Partner is hoping once his daughters are old enough that they will become more involved in the community and their church.  “I wanted my kids to grow up in Bellwood because of the community. I like how we strongly support education, which I think is fantastic!”

Recently Mr. Partner has moved down to the middle school after 8 years up in the high school.

“I wanted to come to the middle school to experience new challenges.  It was a hard decision for me to move down and I miss all of my high school students.”