Feature Teacher: Mr. Goodman


Payton Martin

Mr. Goodman starts off the day with a positive attitude

Mr. Goodman has been a science teacher at BAHS for 28 years, since to moving his career to Bellwood-Antis.

Mr. Goodman teaches Honors Earth and Space Science, Academic Earth and Space science, and Vocational Earth and Space science.

“I enjoy helping them learn. I also enjoy listening to what they have to say and what’s important to them,” he said.

As much as he enjoys teaching, there are also just a few parts Mr. Goodman says he doesn’t like about teaching.

“Dealing with discipline issues is what I dislike the most about teaching,” Mr. Goodman said.

Mr. Goodman has his attention on the specific subject of science for one main reason: “Sharing my interests in earth science and getting students motivated about certain subjects.”

For school activities, Mr. Goodman hosts chess club after school every Wednesday and still helps out at Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Sciences.

Outside out school, Mr. Goodman enjoys what brings him the most joy, hiking, specifically whenever it’s warmer out, though.

A hiker and also a volleyball player. Mr. Goodman has been participating at Penn State for volleyball for around 27 years.

Even though his team (the Eagles) recently lost the super bowl, he still remains a positive influence on the school.