I SURVIVED: World Cultures


Olivia Hess, Staff Writer

 Learning about our own country is one thing, but learning about other cultures is how we can grow to understand different religions, races, and civilizations. 

Mr. Rhone, the high-school’s World Cultures teacher, is here to talk about what goes on in the class, along with Jake Mercer, a former World Cultures student who will share some of his highlights of the course. 

Mr. Rhone’s keys to surviving World Cultures

What do students learn in this class?

They examine civilizations from the past and their GRAPES: Geography, Religions, Achievements, Political systems, Economics & Social Structure.

Do students need to bring any materials?

Google Classroom allows the most flexibility since all notes, slides and videos can be accessed by students at any time, in class or when absent for easy make-up work. It helps to have a working knowledge of world geography from their middle school years also.

What is your favorite lesson to teach your class?

The Aztecs and Incas then the transition into European colonization . This shows the impact of our coming modern world clashing with other societies and brings up important questions about today’s world ; treatment of other cultures and races. Although the Vikings seemed very popular this year!

What is an activity or project that students enjoy every year?

The Silk Road game gets requests to be played more than once (sorry, once a year). The game takes them through the events they may experience on the Silk Road and the goods they can trade for and the dangers that exist. It links ancient China with the Islamic and European civilizations. 

What is one takeaway that you hope students will remember from World Cultures?

How the world we live in today is built upon and linked to all previous civilizations that came before . We are in their debt. And the mistakes they made, hopefully we can learn to avoid them . 

Tips or advice for being successful in this class?

Students that have a hard time just don’t complete their work. I will do everything in my power to make sure that a student learns the information, but it is up to the individual student to take ownership of their education and fulfill their end and complete assignments. A big problem is absent students not using their google classroom to make up missing work. It helps to have an open mind and make connections with our lives and the past.

Jake’s experience

What was your experience in World Cultures?

 It was interesting. I learned a lot. Mr. Rhone was a really fun teacher to have and his teaching style definitely helped me to remember things.

What was your favorite part of the class?

My favorite part was having Mr. Rhone as a teacher.

What piece or lesson do you still remember?

The Inca Empire. We learned about Cusco and we watched The Emperor’s New Groove.

What advice do you have for current World Cultures students?

Pay attention to questions he asks during class, because they’ll likely show up on the test.