Senioritis hits B-A seniors


SENIORITIS OR JUST PASSING TIME – Lydia Worthing spends a study hall in the media center working on her knitting while classmate Noah Green studies. Many seniors find it hard to stay motivated when the end of the school year is close. (Kerry Naylor)

Olivia Hess, Staff Writer

As March turns into April and April springs into May, seniors start thinking less about finals and more about summer. Throughout their final semester of high school, it becomes increasingly difficult for B-A seniors to stay motivated. 

These symptoms are subject to one well-known, but unofficial condition: senioritis. 

Senioritis pummels the senior class every year and generates homework fatigue and a mindset that grades are less important. When the twelfth graders catch this “condition”, they are officially ready to graduate high school and begin their futures.

Senior Dylan Andrews caught the contagious condition this year and has symptoms of lack of motivation, giving minimal effort, and low stress levels. 

“If my grades are above a seventy percent in the fourth marking period, then I am happy,” Andrews added.

Hunter Foor has fallen victim to senioritis as well, and has identical symptoms to Dylan. In addition, Hunter also “[falls] asleep in class.”

Out of every twelfth grader at Bellwood-Antis, Hailee McConnell caught senioritis the most intensely. Due to the ailment, Hailee “hate[s] coming to school,” is “tired and drained,” and has no motivation “AT ALL.”

McConnell’s worst symptom of senioritis is her absenteeism. More than any year before, she has missed a bundle of school days. 

“…I usually miss a good bit, but this year has been pretty bad,” Hailee quoted.

Physics teacher Mrs. Alice Flarend said she typically starts to notice senioritis in January or February. With some students, she sees it as early as September.

Towards the end of the year, Mrs. Flarend said she gives “high interest” projects to keep students engaged and attentive.

Despite how those with senioritis struggle to push through the end of the year, once they finally walk across the stage to the finish line, it will all have been worth it.