The Flip Side – Movies vs. Books


Imagine you have the Harry Potter series. Would you rather read the book or watch the movie? According to a LinkedIn article, watching a movie is much easier than reading a book. A movie is more visual and easier to remember  compared to written words like books. Reading can push your imagination because you’ll be a part of the story, yet a movie helps you visualize the situation more easily. Many middle school students would rather not do as much work and wouldn’t like to spend what would feel like ages to read. When you read a book, you have to create your own image of what’s happening in the book, and the book can take a long time to read; however, with movies, you are watching the scene instead of imagining it and the movie is set on an average of 2 hours long.


We went through our middle school and asked 20 students and teachers which they would rather do, read a book or watch a movie. We had 15 out of 20 people vote for watching movies because they would rather see what’s happening and because it’s more exciting. Some students and teachers claim that they do not have enough time to read. The video is also easier to understand what’s happening to the characters. Not only that, but you can relax by eating popcorn and other foods during the movie. 


The other five out of the twenty students and teachers chose a book. Many of the reasons were that the person liked how they could use their own imagination to create scenes throughout the book. Many students and teachers liked how the books would give more detail about the subject. As you can tell from the responses, the book allows you to enter a whole new world. While a movie gives you entertainment, a book gives you entertainment, the ability to use your imagination, it gives you a whole new perception of the subject, and lets you create the scene instead of having the scene made for you.