Super Sub: Mrs. Fulmer


We asked Mrs. Fulmer, who is currently a long term substitute for 7th grade Life Science and 8th grade Physical Science, some questions about her subbing journey. Mrs. Fulmer decided to sub because of her love of working with kids and helping them learn.“It’s also nice to be on the same schedule as my own kids”, she stated.  She was a substitute teacher from 2003-2006 and began subbing again from 2010 to present. She said that her favorite part of subbing was helping students learn and grow.  She added that she loves to see kids achieving their goals. She stated, “I enjoy subbing the most when I can teach Reading or English, especially if they are reading a book.” We then asked her if she prefers to sub in the middle, high, or elementary school.  Mrs. Fulmer responded, “A little of everything. I enjoy the energy and excitement of elementary students, the ability to discuss and have conversations with middle school students, and the independence of highschool.” When we asked her what she does when kids are doing work, she answered, “I try to help where I can. I am always happy to answer questions or explain something again.” We asked her if she enjoyed subbing and she said “Yes, I really do!” Lastly, we asked “Do you have a job outside of subbing? If you don’t, what would you do?”  Her response was “I don’t.  If I did work outside of school, I would still want to work with kids, so maybe tutoring or daycare, or maybe even in a library because I love books.”