Athlete of the Week: Nathan Davis


Junior Nathan Davis

There are over 1 million high school basketball players in the USA and many more internationally.

On average, only 50,000, are able to receive basketball scholarships. High quality skill, and highlight videos are essential to allow coaches to be interested in you.

Junior Nathan Davis is just the man we’re looking for. High quality and great athleticism.

Year after year Davis kills it on the court. During the Blue Devils game last week against Penns Valley, Nathan scored 38 of the 67 points.  He followed that up Monday night by scoring 36 in BA’s win over previously unbeaten West Branch.

Last year, as a sophomore, Davis averaged 16 points per game, 5 rebounds, and 2 assist.

Combining his freshman and sophomore year, he scored roughly 772 points and is on the fast track to scoring 1,000 points his junior season, something his brother Noah, who is playing at Division 2 Seton Hill, didn’t do.


Blueprint: How did you get involved with basketball?

Nathan: My parents both played in college, so I’ve had a ball in my hand ever since I was born.


Blueprint: What’s your favorite thing about basketball? Least favorite?

Nathan: I love the sport in general, just how it looks and feels when it’s played well. I hate losing, more than anything I want to win. Losses, for me, are tough to take.


Blueprint: You practice every day of the week, how do you balance school work and sports?

Nathan: I really have to be diligent in my study halls to make sure I get all my homework and studying done there. After school there is no time.


Blueprint: Do you have any advice for younger kids who want to play basketball?

Nathan: I know it sounds cheesy, but you should always have dreams. I want to play in the NBA, which I know is a longshot, but having something like that to drive you makes you want to come back and get better every day.


Blueprint: You also participate in track. Which sport do you like better?

Nathan: Basketball is my first love, so it would have to be my favorite. Track is awesome though! It makes me a better athlete for basketball and also feeds my competitive nature.