Super Senior: Jamie Reinhart


Jamie Rinehart? You know him? Well you should make it your priority to get to know him if you don’t. He’s smart aleck and amazing at drawing. Since he’s a senior and he showed up a couple days into the year, this is his first and last year at Bellwood-Antis.

When asked about the move here and whether or not he liked it he didn’t hesitate in saying, “Absolutely.”

Out of all the classes he takes at Bellwood, gym is his favorite. He thought about trying out for baseball this spring but isn’t sure he’s going to.

Jamie is a CTC student and is a part of the Visual Arts program (which is extremely fitting for him).

“I always drew since I was little, but growing up, comic books became very influential in the development of not only my art, but for my life as well.” …It must be true when they say you’re born with it.

Seriously. If you haven’t seen what this kid can do, you’re at a loss.

Though art is something he’s good at it’s not exactly his favorite thing to do.

“Video games are way up there because it’s always been fascinating for me to be able to sit down, and experience someone’s vision or ideas in a very fun and interesting way. Certain video games like Metal Gear Solid have inspired me and spoken to me louder than anything else I could possibly learn.”