Teacher Feature: Mrs. McNaul


Kayla Kustaborder

Mrs. McNaul will be taking a break from teaching the art classes she loves when she has her baby in April.

Bellwood-Antis Middle and High School teacher Leah McNaul chose her teaching career in art because she was a marketing specialist before becoming a teacher and disagreed with the ethics of the companies she was promoting. She said, “After reevaluating what I felt I should be doing, God placed teaching into my heart and I went back to school.”

She has been teaching for eight a half years, seven here at Bellwood. Before that she taught in Dubious and Pittsburgh.

The art classes she teaches are Traditional Crafts and Graphic Design, Art Appreciation, Ceramics and Painting, Drawing a Sculpture, Art 7 (M.S), and Art 8 (M.S).

You also might have heard that Mrs. McNaul is having a baby boy, which is due April 4. She is unsure on when she will go on maternity leave, but she hopes to work up until the time though.

She and Civics Mr. Matt McNaul are very excited about having a baby. She said, “Mr. McNaul and I have wanted children, but I was unable to for a very long time. This miracle that we thought was not possible for us has made this experience that much more exciting and special. God is good!”

Mrs. McNaul teaches because she loves learning all types of information and concepts.

She added, “Art education had allowed me to share all these loves with my students through problem solving and innovative/creative skills.”

She hopes that by being able to share this joy with her students she has inspired them to lead their world into a potentially historic period of change.