Free Hugs

National hugging day is a time to embrace life!


Alexis Mayhue

Jake McCaulley and Trenton Creppage hug it out in the library on National Hugging Day.

For some people this day is going to be awful and for others they’re gonna love it.

You know that crush you have in your English class? Yeah, go for it. Hug’em.

That varsity quarterback that you can’t help but love, give him a hug.

Maybe you can’t get your mind off the point guard of the girls basketball team? Go ahead and hug your little heart out.

You know why? Because today, January 21, is National Hugging Day.

Have you ever had a hug that lifted your spirits and made your day go smoother?

Trenton Creppage couldn’t pass up the chance to up compliment his best friends.

“Jake Burch and Hunter McCracken wait no, scratch that, Ryan Bouslough are great huggers! They make your day so much better,” he said.

What about some family love?

Hugs can boost self-esteem, strengthen the immune system and balance out the nervous system.


“It’s a little bit weird…” That was the response we got from Jake Burch when he was asked to hug his father on this spectacular day of hugs.

Would you expect us to keep that from his dad, our own World Cultures teacher? Psh, no. We went straight to Mr. Burch  to see how he felt about it.

“I’m devastated—say that with humor,” Mr. Burch said.

But don’t just hug someone because the day tells you to. You should know there are actual benefits to a hug.

It makes you feel secure and wanted that someone actually wants you around and that could mean a lot to someone.  One website says hugs can boost self-esteem, strengthen the immune system and balance out the nervous system, along wit a number of other health benefits.

“That’s why I hug on a daily basis,” said Paige Padula.  “It makes your day a lot happier!”

To learn more about how much a hug can impact your day, check out a 10 Reasons Why We Need at Least 8 Hugs a Day article here.