Chris Kyle: American Sniper Review


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American Sniper tells the true story of the greatest sniper in American history.

In the movie American Sniper, U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle  is given his sole mission to protect his comrades. Little does he know he will become a legend to many.

Kyle’s shooting accuracy saves countless lives and makes him a target. After four tours in Iraq, Kyle just can’t seem to return home.

The movie, based on real life events, brought in $105 million in four days last weekend in the year’s largest opening.

Late last Friday, the line was out the door at the Park Hills Plaza.

This movie offers tear jerking moments along with the drama of fighting in Iraq with  Bradley Cooper playing Chris Kyle, one of the most lethal snipers in U.S. history, with 160 confirmed kills. One night after walking in on his cheating girlfriend, Kyle decided to hang out with his brother and have some fun. He took a slight glance at the TV and was aggravated with the chaos that was going on in the Middle East. The next day, Chris went to sign up for the U.S Navy.

Along with being new to the Navy, Kyle unexpectedly meets the love of his life. Shortly after the couple marries and Chris is sent on his first tour.

Kyle’s first kill wasn’t like he expected, but after it his pinpoint accuracy never failed.

This movie is not only an inspiration to many young people, including Kyle’s own children, but to any war vet. To the war vets that just can’t return home, Kyle is a motivation to realize that if he could then I can too.

The tear tugging movie is now causing controversy about whether it glorifies a hero or a killer. In LA there was a billboard vandalized with “murder”  written across it.

There’s talk going around that Kyle is a murderer, but why was a ‘murderer’ willing to die to protect you? Kyle had a job to do.

“The heart of the man, the ability to laugh through it all, Bradley captured all of it” says, widow Taya Kyle, according to ABC News. While the raging controversy continues, she’s proud of her late husband and Cooper’s role portraying him.

Kyle received 2 Silver Star medals, 5 Bronze Star, 1 Navy & Marine Corps Commendation and 2 Navy & Marine Corps Achievement medals while serving through 1999-2009.