That just ain’t write

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Devin Poplin

Cursive writing is rarely a focus in elementary schools in the age of standardized testing.

Do you know how to write in cursive? Do you know how to make a ‘z’ or an ‘f’? Can you even write anything but your name in cursive?

Today, January 23, is National Handwriting Day.

“Though computers and email play an important role in our lives, nothing will ever replace the sincerity and individualism expressed through the handwritten word,” David Baker, executive director of the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association,told the International Business Times.

Do you think things like texting and emails ruined handwriting for everyone? That people would rather send a quick text like “Hey wat r u doing” in comparison to a nicely written letter that can be saved to reread in the future?

Or is cursive and writing in general outdated? Is it better to move forward with typing and video calls instead of sending pictures and written letters?

“I wish I could write cursive better.  I can only write my name,” said sophomore Alanna Leidig.

Classmate Jasmine McCoy agreed.

“It looks pretty and it looks more professional,” said sophomore Jasmine McCoy.  “It just looks nicer.  I wish I could write cursive better.”

What if texting wasn’t a thing? Would you send letters?

Marissa Panasiti said, “If it wasn’t for texting and technology more people would write letters and use cursive. I know I would write letters and notes to people but I doubt I’d mail them. I’d either wait and talk to them in person or drop it off at their house.”

In the spirit of the day, we asked students and faculty to write notes to each other in their natural handwriting.  Check out our responses in the photo gallery above.