Athlete of the Week: Ana Hollen


This season Hollen has 259 points, averaging 17 per game.  She’s already well over 1,000 points for her career, and in November she signed to play next season at the University of Pitt-Johnstown.

Hollen’s best game last week came against Bishop Guilfoyle, when she scored 18 points, grabbed six rebounds and blocked two shots in a 69-60 win.

The Lady Blue Devils, giving it there all are currently 14-1

For her efforts Ana Hollen has been picked for the Blueprint’s athlete of the week.


How did you get involved with basketball?

Ana: My mom signed me up for a league at the rec when I was in fourth grade.

What’s your favorite thing about basketball? Least favorite?

Ana: My favorite thing about basketball is meeting new people and building relationships with teammates. My least favorite is its 12 months out of the year.

Do you have any advice for younger players?

Ana: The only thing keeping you from being the player you are, to the player you want to be, is the hard work you put in.

This is being your last high school season, what do you plan to make out of it?

Ana: It’s all or nothing, it’s the last of everything so my fellow senior teammates and I are going to finish this out the right way.

What’s your team’s biggest strength?

Ana: Everyone can score, we are a hard team to match up with.

Are you excited for college basketball?

Ana: Yes but I’m going to miss the rivalries, my teammates, and the gym that’s been my home for four years.

Are you comfortable being the focal point of the team both in your play & the media?

Ana: Yes, I have a lot of experience with basketball and as for the media I have the haters and the lovers. Not everyone is going to like you, but you just have to focus on the people that do and forget about the others. They can’t bring you down unless you let them.

Can you win a state championship?

Ana: Is that even a question.