Athlete of the Week: Saige McElwain


Terry McCaulley

Sophomore Saige McElwain is one of several B-A athletes who compete for the Tyrone/Bellwood-Antis co-op swimming team.

Being a double sport athlete is never easy, especially when the sports are back to back.

Sophomore Saige McElwain not only plays two sports, but participates in one of the most difficult. Swimming.  Being a rigorous sport that uses every muscle in the body, its more physically demanding than most.

Along with softball practice and preseason workouts, Saige competes for the Tyrone/Bellwood-Antis swim team!

“Saige is in her second year with the team. She has grown into a very reliable swimmer for me, due to the her hard work at practice,” said Coach Tom Getz. “She mainly swims freestyle, but has worked on other strokes this year, such as fly and breaststroke. Her learning these events will help us out immensely. She also is a great athlete who has learned quickly over the past two years.”

Softball season kicks off right after the swim season ends.

McElwain is the blueprints athlete of the week!

What made you join the swim team?

I wanted to get in shape for softball.

What events do you do?

100 freestyle, 200 medley relay, 200 free relay, 400 free relay, and sometimes the 200 freestyle and fly.

How hard are the practices?

Swimming can be very hard depending on how much we have to do.

What’s your best finish?

Best time for a relay was first place. Best for an individual is in third in the 200 free.

What’s your favorite stroke?

Breast Stroke.

 How does swimming prepare you for softball?

It keeps me in shape for softball conditioning and makes my muscles stronger.

Which event is your favorite?

50 free.