Fab Freshmen: Kayla Beichler

She’s new to B-A, but quickly adjusting to life as a Blue Devil


Edyn Convery

Kayla Beichler is enjoying her first year at Bellwood-Antis.

Freshman Kayla Beichler is new to Bellwood-Antis after coming here this year from homeschooling.  But she is making her adjustment very well.  She is very friendly and pleasant person to be around.

“She is very serious about her work, but you can definitely see her coming out of her shell as the year goes on,” said Mr. Naylor, an English teacher at Bellwood-Antis High School.  “Her classmates really like her personality and I respect her because she is not afraid to express her values.”

Kayla is the BluePrint’s Fab Freshman for the month of February.

BluePrint: What class from freshman year will you never forget and why?

Kayla: Health class, because Mrs. Nyman is amazing. She made everything fun, and I was always interested in what we were learning.

BluePrint: What goals do you have for the next 3 years of your BA experience?

Kayla: 1. Try to make honor roll every year.

  1. Be kind and loving to people even when they aren’t kind and loving to me.
  2. To never get wrapped up in drama because it’s pointless and there isn’t much reason for it.

BluePrint:  What’s one thing you’ll do differently as a sophomore and why?

Kayla: I’m hoping to study more so tests will be easier and my grades will be better, but I also don’t want to always be worrying about my grades.

BluePrint: What was the adjustment like coming to Bellwood?

Kayla: The adjustment was pretty easy, I already had some friends at B-A and am making a lot of new ones.  Of course, I totally miss all my other friends and never go a day without thinking about them, but I believe God had me come to B-A for a purpose and God will give me strength to fulfill that purpose.

BluePrint: What do you like about Bellwood so far?

Kayla: I like how all the teachers, at least my teachers, are amazing and are always there to help.  I also love my homeroom teacher, Ms. Trostle.

BluePrint: What is your favorite movie?

Kayla: Here Comes the Boom and To Save a Life

BluePrint: What is your favorite class?

Kayla: Health

BluePrint: What is your favorite food?

Kayla: Um, this is as hard as choosing my left or my right eye, but probably my mom’s fried potatoes.

BluePrint: What is your favorite B-A lunch?

Kayla: Meatballs and Breadsticks

BluePrint: What’s in your iPod?

Kayla: Holly Starr