Rings of Saturn: Odd but good


Rings of Saturn is a band known for its wicked guitar riffs and obsession with extra-terrestrials.

Eli Vaglica, Student Contributor

People who know me know that I am an avid listener to less “mainstream” music. Some people would call it heavy metal or death metal; most people consider it “screamo”, which despite what iTunes says, isn’t an actual genre or thing. There are correct terms for said genres, but you would have to listen to most of them to hear a difference.

With that out of the way, I’d like to talk about a deathcore band I’ve really grown fond of, which is Rings Of Saturn. This band formed in Bay Area, California. Of course their forming in California has everything to do with their bizarre beliefs. For example, most of the original bandmates, (mainly those from their first album) were firm believers in aliens. The existence of extra-terrestrial beings is what they emphasize in their music.

The band’s sound is extremely unique, as it differs from that of traditional deathcore. Many people think that the guitars sound like aliens or video games, which invokes the thoughts of the listener as they grasp the lyrics applied with the instruments. When asked in an interview, their guitarist had said that he did base lots of the sounds off of sounds in older video games like Mario and the NES and N64.

Of all the band members to date, currently Ian Bearer is the vocalist, Lucas Manns is the rhythm, bass, and electric guitars on the newest album Lugal Ki En (2014) and the drummer is from another band, although he did make all of his own notes for the album. Joel Oman left in a recent well of drama for the band. Joel was upset because he claimed Lucas would not learn any of the music and that he no longer cared to learn more about his instrument. Lucas has been currently helping bands starting their careers like Alex Teribble’s brand new band Slaughter To Prevail. He played for their first song “Crowned And Conquered”. While his guitar skills are so inexplicable, many people believe that they really are his.

The band’s sound is extremely unique, as it differs from that of traditional deathcore.”

So to the reader, I hope you look up this band and give them a chance. Remember, to look up Lugal Ki En on Spotify or just type the band’s name on YouTube and pick a song that sticks out. I recommend the song “Senseless Massacre”. This band can be fairly portrayed by that song, it is the first song of their newest album. This is one of, if not the only video they have on their YouTube page, run by Lucas Manns. The song is such a hard-hitter for this album, the guitar and drums are brutal and the vocals are insane. Please if you have the time, check out this band.