Athlete of the Week: Selena Damiano


Emily Wagner

Selena Damiano been invaluable to the girls basketball team, providing gritty minutes and doing the dirty work around the hoop.

Bellwood-Antis senior post Selena Damiano has had 102 points this year averaging about 4 point per game.

She also grabs six rebounds each game.

Finishing her senior year of basketball is the starting point to her senior track season.

Stay tuned to the Blueprint to find out how Damiano does.

For her efforts Selena Damiano is the athlete of the week!

The BluePrint: How did you get involved with basketball?

Damiano: I joined clinics in 2 grade.

The BluePrint: Why do you play basketball?

Damiano: It’s fun competition and a way to be active. I like spending all the time with some of my closet friends.

The BluePrint: Do you have any advice for younger players?

Damiano: Just have fun and don’t stress about the losses- they happen to everyone.

The BluePrint: What do you do in the off-season to improve your game?

Damiano: We play in a few summer leagues and I would attend CORE.

The BluePrint: Who is your biggest inspiration to you as a player and why?

Damiano: Probably my sister, Sam, because we play similarly. She was the reason I started playing.

The BluePrint: Are you content with how your senior year of basketball is playing out?

Damiano: There are some games I wish we would’ve won but everything happens for a reason and I’ve had a great time with my teammates.

The BluePrint: How tough was losing in the D6 Championship?

Damiano: It was hard because we knew we could’ve and should’ve beaten them, but it doesn’t define our season.

The BluePrint: How can the team regroup?

Damiano: We have to learn from our loss and use it to prepare us for state playoffs.

The BluePrint: Will you be disappointed if basketball season eats into your senior track season?

Damiano: No, being my senior year I don’t want to rush anything. When it ends, it ends and then I’ll be ready for track.