BA student advances to regional Mathcounts competition


Tessa Albert

Eighth grader Nathan Wolfe is going to compete in the regional Mathcounts competition!

Tessa Albert, Staff Writer

Figure out this problem.

A parallelogram has three of its vertices at (-1, 0), (2, 4), and (2, -4). What is the positive difference between the greatest possible perimeter and the least possible perimeter of the parallelogram?

Can’t figure it out?  It’s ok, to many of us this is a head scratching question, but not for one of Bellwood’s brightest students– Nathan Wolfe.

This year Nathan placed 3rd in the district level at the Altoona Campus.  With this performance Nathan has earned his spot to compete in the Regional Mathcounts Competition this year in Harrisburg. (The last time a Bellwood student qualified for this competition was in 2008!)

“I am excited to make it!” said Nathan when asked his feelings for the competition on Friday. “Mrs. Taylor has helped me prepare a lot for these competitions. To be ready for Friday I am going to practice A LOT of math problems.”

At this competition Nathan will compete in a couple of rounds. Many of the competition problems are to be completed without the use of a calculator.

The first round has 30 questions, individually answered with no calculator, and they all have to be answered within 40 minutes.

The second round has four sets of two questions.  Competitors have 6 minutes to solve both questions but this time Nathan will be able to use a calculator.

In the third round competitors are teamed up to compete in a team round.  They are given 10 questions to solve in 20 minutes.

And in the final round it’s a speed round.  Nathan will be compete one on one, the winner will be determined by accuracy.

If Nathan is one of the top 5 students at Harrisburg he will join a team and travel to Boston in May where they will compete at the National Competition.  Best of luck to you Nathan!