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May Ray Day
May 19, 2015

If you don’t get these names, you’re wrong.

Have you ever wanted to change your name? To start going by something else? Maybe instead of Annie you want to be called Macy. Do you want the name of Jack Sparrow? Well, you can have it today and today only.

Today, April 9, is Name Yourself Day.

But you have to be careful, what you start going by might stick with you.

So think it though. Do you really want to be called Princess Consuela Bananahammock (watch this, you won’t regret it) for the rest of our life?

When it comes to names, most people don’t get a say in it. I mean, you’re a new born baby when your parents sign the certificate and give you a name that follows you for the rest of your life– unless you legally get it changed, that is. So why not take today to try something new? Even if you really love your name, how do you know it’s the one for you?

If you’ve been with the same one for so long, how can you be sure? Yeah, okay, Amy fits you. But what about Kendra? That could be so much better suited for you.

But on the off chance that you truly don’t want to change your name you should inform others about this day. Who knows, maybe that kid that sits behind you in english secretly hates his name and is looking for an excuse to change.