Technology is the new social Darwinsim


Anna Wolfe, Student Contributor

EDITOR’S NOTE: Students in twelfth grade College in High School debate class were asked to read some newspaper articles dealing with technology and its impact on modern society. Is it a good thing, for example, that we have unlimited information available to us through our cell phones alone, yet people more often than not choose to use their phones for idle pleasures? Here are some perspectives.

When looking at the effects of technology you have to look at it from every perspective. Yes, tons of people only use their technology for social media and other stupid things, but you have to look at everything else it’s done for us too.

There are people out there using technologies to create new things every day, and by that I don’t mean a new app for the app store. Think about the medical technology we have today. It’s incredible and improves so many lives. Look at other sciences like aerospace and all the things they can do. We learn more about our universe every day. Once again, yes there are people out there who don’t use technology to the fullest, but those who do advance our whole world.

Here’s an interesting concept: maybe this is just the new social Darwinism, or survival of the fittest. Those who sit and choose to do nothing with the technology they have except play games or tweet will just die off, but those who can create incredible things and do incredible things will thrive and create an unimaginable world. They’ll be the ones who find life on other planets, and travel through space. Technology has become a way of life.