Poetry Slam coming April 24


Susan Zong

Sawyer Kline’s love poem to his dog was one of the highlights of the 2014 Poetry Slam.

Shawna McGuire, Staff Writer

The annual Poetry Slam is going to be on April 24 this year.

The Poetry Slam has been and annual event at Bellwood-Antis for more than a decade. This event occurs every year during National Poetry Month.  Students volunteer to read original works in front of the student body in the auditorium.

Students typically perform spoken poems with great emotion. Poems can range from sad and depression to funny and humorous about someone’s friends.

Last year there were more than thirty participants including Revel Southwell performed a poem about super heroes and Luke Hollinghead had one the contributed to his teacher’s catch phrases.

A record number of participants made last year's slam something special.
Susan Zong
A record number of participants made last year’s slam something special.

“We’re excited to see what the students come up with this year,” says English department chairperson Mr. Naylor. “Last year’s slam had more participants than I have ever seen as long as I’ve been at Bellwood-Antis. The kids really came through and provided us with a variety of styles and topics. We’re looking for the same thing this year.”

Students can attend the Poetry Slam and not even have to perform. All a student needs to do is turn a poem to their English teacher or Mr. Naylor and it’s a free pass.