Athlete of the Week: Ryan Bouslough

Tierra Mahute, Staff Writer

Last weekend the boys and girls took part in the United Invitational, and the boys won the team championship.

Ryan Bouslough was one of the many people to place individually.

He received second in shot.

For these reasons senior Bouslough is the Blueprint’s athlete of the week.

Last night the track team faced Southern Fulton, Philipsburg Osceola, and Tussey Mountain, and Bouslough won again, taking first in the shot put.

Blueprint: How did you get involved with track and field?

Bouslough: I started my freshman year because I wanted to be in a sport with all my friends.

Blueprint: What events do you participate in?

Bouslough: I participate in shot and disk.

Blueprint: Are you happy with how your senior meets are going?

Bouslough: I am pretty happy. I would like to throw a little further.

Blueprint: Do you have any advice for others?

Bouslough: Make sure you get your technique down. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, if you have bad technique you can’t throw far.

Blueprint: How did the United Invitational go for you? Your team?

Bouslough: It went well. I was seeded 19 but I ended up taking 2. The team also did well and we won it.

Blueprint: How did off season lifting help you this year?

Bouslough: It helped me a lot by getting me stronger and more explosive.

Blueprint: What are you goals for your senior year?

Bouslough: My goals are to place in districts and throw the shot around 46 ft.