Athlete of the Week: Taylor Shildt


Jeff Miller

Taylot Shildt is 6-2 on the hill for the softball team this season.

Tierra Mahute, Staff Writer

Junior Taylor Shildt has a pitching record of 6-2 so far this season.

Taylor has been not only pitching well, but also hitting.

Tomorrow the BA softball team takes on the Lady Vikings at Glendale.

For her efforts Shildt is the athlete of the week.

Blueprint: How did you get involved with softball?

Shildt: My dad worked with the BA varsity coach and they started me into the program.

Blueprint: What’s your favorite thing about softball?

Shildt: Just being able to go out on the field and forget about anything that is stressing me out in anyway.

Blueprint: How do you feel your season is going so far?

Shildt: I feel like it is going ok. It definitely isn’t what I was hoping for, but we have to make it work. We just need to clean up the little errors and stop overthinking things at the plate.

Blueprint: What goals do you want to achieve before the season is over?

Shildt: I want to win a district title and give states a run. I would also like to eventually have more students and fans start coming to the games.

Blueprint: Do you prefer summer league or high school?

Shildt: I prefer summer because we get to travel to a lot of places. Also because we play quicker pitchers and that makes things more challenging.

Blueprint: What advice do you have for other players?

Shildt: I would say if you are really passionate about the sport put in work. You get in what you put out. If any player feels they need help with something, they should ask. Players, parents, and coaches are always happy to help.

Blueprint: Can your team compete for a district title?

Shildt: I feel that if we clean up or game defensively, and stop thinking too much offensively that we are extremely capable of winning another district title.

Blueprint: How much does it mean to you being a part of Bellwood softball team?

Shildt: it means a lot to me because the program as 2 ICC titles and a district title as of now. Just now being able to be a part of that is amazing.