Athlete of the Week: Caroline Showalter


Jeff Miller

Caroline Showalter brings clutch hitting and a little bit of comic relief to the softball team.

During the District 6-AAA Championship post-game interview junior Caroline Showalter was invaded by mysterious Pac Man and his ghosts.

She was being interviewed because she just hit the game-winning triple to knock in three runs and defeat Bellefonte at Beard Field. For her efforts she has been named the BluePrint’s Athlete of the Week.

This season Caroline has had a total of 17 runs and 17 hits.

The girls will play the winner of another first round PIAA game between Frankford and Donegal on Thursday, June 4.

Blueprint: How did you get involved with softball?

Caroline: In 8 grade I decided I wanted to play another sport. I had played baseball in the past so softball was a good fit.

Blueprint: How do you think your junior season went? What was it like waiting behind Jacquelyn as a catcher?

Caroline: I thought it went great! I had a lot of fun improving my game, and we won the D6 game. It honestly didn’t feel like waiting. I felt like I was just paying another position. She also enjoyed leading their chant.

Blueprint: How do you feel about being a part of making Bellwood softball a tradition?

Caroline: I feel proud and amazed that we are the 1 softball team to win a state playoff game.

Blueprint: How confident are you in winning the game against Yough?

Caroline: I am confident in winning, because the moment you lose confidence is the moment you start to lose.

Blueprint: Are you excited for your senior year of softball, how do you think the girls will perform?     

Caroline: Yes, because it’s another year for me to improve on my game and the chance to invade post0game interviews. I think we will perform greats once we get into the motion.

Blueprint: Do you prefer summer softball leagues or school softball?

Caroline: Summer, because we get to play in a World Series and travel to all different places. It’s also a better chance to get noticed by college coaches.

Blueprint: How far do you think the team can go?

Caroline: I think we can go the whole way. We are going to keep making history.