Back to the grind

Students and teachers adjust to the first week back at school


Ali Wagner

The hallways at B-A are alive again with students and teachers.

Ali Wagner, Staff Writer

For weeks, students prepared for the return to school. Some felt anxious and other felt excited.

You could feel the different energies as you walked through the halls the first day this year. Freshman, excited to be in the high school. Sophomores, excited to not be the new kids anymore. Juniors, starting to think about future jobs, and colleges. Seniors, getting ready to enter work force, the armed forces, or continue their schooling.

As the first week of school went by, students settled into their classes, and got used to their schedules; teachers settled into their teaching groove. Football players have been preparing for the long awaited football season. Chorus and band students are learning and preparing music for the Christmas and spring concerts.

We asked Assistant Principal Cathy Adams how she prepares for the school year, and she told us that her, Principal Mr. Richard Schreier, and Middle School Principal Dr. Donald Wagner compare test results from the previous year, and they look for ways to improve the upcoming school year.

They also have meetings with the BAHS staff in the days leading up to the start of the year to go over policies and procedures.

We asked Mr. Schreier, who began last year as a  middle school science teacher, if it is different preparing for school as a principal that as a teacher, and he told us that, yes it is different. He said that his main concern as a principal is making sure that kids have a schedule and a place to go at all times. As a teacher his main concern was just his classroom and lesson plans.

The staff was excited to get the students back into the building, because “When the students arrive, that’s when the real job starts,” Mr.  Schreier told us.

Mrs. Adams wanted to remind students that if there is something keeping you from coming to school, get help! And make sure you are completing every assignment!

“Students are what keep me going. They make my day. I try to be one of the first positive people they see in the morning,” Mrs. Adams said.

“It is important to get good grades for college and your future,” freshman Kara Engle told us.  And She is right. It is very important to make sure we are getting good grades. Every assignment counts, and it is important to have a successful year and make sure to start off the year on a positive note.