Athlete of the Week: Jake Burch


Christina Kowalski

Jake Burch running for one out of five touchdowns last Friday.

Last Friday the Blue Devils played against West Branch.

The Warriors scored a touchdown on the first drive with 7:28 left in the first quarter. Senior Jake Burch kicked it in to gear and scored his first touchdown of the night.

Throughout the game the Warriors were struggling to defend Burch. By the end of the night Burch, who recently switched to tailback, ended up having a total of 5 touchdowns.

The Warriors scored another in the fourth quarter.

The final score was 35-14.

Burch with 5 touchdowns was chosen as the Blueprints athlete of the week.

The Blue Devils will take on the Hornets this Friday in Juniata Valley.


Blueprint: How did you get involved with football?

Burch: I had always been around it growing up and began playing in elementary school.


Blueprint: What position do you like better, quarterback or tailback?

Burch: I enjoy playing tailback a little more, probably since I’ve played quarterback my whole life. I am fine with playing either position.


Blueprint: How do you feel about the rough start to this season? How do you prepare to keep your season like last Friday?

Burch: We played two pretty good teams and made a lot of mistakes. We have to limit those mistakes and take things one week at a time.


Blueprint: How did you manage to score five touchdowns against West Branch?

Burch: I had a lot of good blocking that helped open up running lanes for me.


Blueprint: Are you confident that the game will go your way this Friday?

Burch: Yes, I feel like we gained a lot of confidence last week.


Blueprint: How do you manage being an all honors student and participate in football?

Burch: Luckily I have a study hall to get some of the work done, but managing my free time is key.


Blueprint: What advice do you have for younger players?

Burch: Enjoy every moment and work hard, these are some of the best memories you’ll have in high school.


Blueprint: Do you plan to play football after high school?

Burch: I do not know yet. We will see how things go over the next couples of months.